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24/7 educational support for JO Combs USD

Watch: Students and educators discuss the value of Paper, how it reaches a wide range of students in new ways, and the impact it can make.


To advance career & college readiness,  Arizona’s J.O. Combs USD adopts 24/7 educational support

The dilemma

The district had limited resources for traditional, in-person tutoring, with teachers already stretched thin and a shortage of local tutoring candidates. In addition, many students could not access traditional after-school programs.

Limited resources at JO Combs USD
How Paper supports JO Combs USD with anytime, anywhere access to learning



Paper, which provides 24/7 access to academic help, aligned perfectly with the district’s goal of anytime, anywhere access to learning. The fact that Paper offers tutoring in Spanish and other languages—across a wide range of subjects—was a clincher


Implementation and rollout


The district was highly engaged with the Paper team during roll-out and beyond, working hard to ensure that adoption was as broad as possible. As part of their efforts, the district leveraged the marketing resources that Paper offers, from flyers to pre-packaged social media campaigns.


JO Combs USD leveraged Paper's marketing resources for rollout
How did Paper provide value at JO Combs USD?

Paper in action


The district was immediately able to integrate Paper into everyday student learning. And when teachers are busy working with individual students, other members of the classroom are encouraged to access Paper and get the exact help they need, when they need it.



The impact


In addition to homework and study help, the district is using the Paper Review Center as a tool to advance college and career readiness. Students can use the service to help with writing a resume and cover letter, or completing research projects like those they’ll have to tackle in college.


More than 7,800 learning moments with Paper

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