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Morris School district on high-quality tutoring

Watch: Morris SD talks about how they provided equitable access to high-quality tutoring for their diverse school community


New Jersey’s Morris School District weaves equitable tutoring into instructional practice


Download the Morris School District case study


Download the Morris District case study

Students receive individualized academic help when they need it, how they need it

24/7 homework help, writing feedback, and study support on demand—even late at night—levels the playing field for every single student  

The dilemma

Many students in the district had after-school responsibility for work, babysitting, or both. As a result, traditional, site-specific after-school help and summer programs often couldn’t reach the students who needed it most.

The solution

Morris SD sought a solution that would support their diverse set of learners across all subjects—including feedback on students’ writing—in a way that increased equitable access. They partnered with Paper to provide every student with expert 24x7 high dosage tutoring in multiple languages across all academic content areas.

The takeaway

After just a few months of usage, 100% of the district’s sites had reached their target usage rates for Paper. Students engaged in 2,491 learning moments, including 1,918 live 1:1 tutoring sessions and 573 essays submitted for review. Teachers and administrators used data from the Paper’s reporting, commenting, and session transcriptions to gain valuable insights into student learning.


Download the Morris School District case study

About the student population

Thanks to Morris School District’s commitment to equity, student achievement outpaces state averages, especially in reading and language arts.

  Enrollment English Learners Socioeconomically

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Download the case study now!



In the first 3.5 months that Paper was in use:

  • 100% of the district’s sites reached their target usage rates.

  • Students engaged in 2,491 learning moments, including 573 essays reviewed.

  • The most popular subjects included basic arithmetic, essay writing, and basic algebra.

Download the Morris School District case study