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Central Illinois district taps Paper™ for 24/7 academic support

In central Illinois, Illini Bluffs Community Unit School District #327 will partner with Paper™ to provide 481 students in grades six through 12 with 24/7 tutoring.

The district is headquartered outside of Peoria in the town of Glasford, and officials are enthusiastic about how year-round support from Paper could help learners bounce back from unfinished learning stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Roger Alvey, the district’s superintendent, shared his belief that on-demand tutoring from Paper will help support students in the classroom, at home, and beyond.

“This initiative will assist our parents at home while they work with their children, and it will assist our teachers by providing extra support while also making their jobs easier and more efficient.”

— Dr. Roger Alvey, Superintendent, Illini Bluffs Community Unit School District #327, Illinois

Alvey expects that these efforts to enhance teacher well-being will also have an impact on student wellness and academic outcomes. In a time when teachers and students alike could benefit from additional support, this resource will assist both educators and learners.

Curious to explore how Paper can help elevate teacher wellness and support students in your district? Reach out to the Paper team today.

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