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How Paper™ complements your classroom

In this guest blog post, Cynthia shares how 24/7 online tutoring can support teachers' efforts to help students thrive.

My journey as a Paper™ tutor started in 2019. I came to Paper as a college student eager to share my knowledge of languages and humanities topics, and I’m so glad I did!

Now, it’s my pleasure to welcome your curiosity about Paper and how we support the wonderful kids in your classroom. I want to share my firsthand experience as a Paper tutor so you can see how we support students 24/7 with a variety of services that foster their lasting academic development!

Why choose online tutoring?

I often like to imagine what my academic career would’ve been like if I had Paper growing up! Many of the students I interact with have familiar hurdles that make it hard for them to rely solely on in-class instruction. 

As somebody who grew up as an English-language learner, it was hard to find help in my target language—let alone around the clock! I now offer students a chance to improve their academic performance on a schedule that works for them, and students never have to feel singled out when asking questions.

How does online tutoring help shape students’ academic futures?

As mentioned, I know how hard it is to learn in a language you’re just starting out in; it can be scary to ask for help when communication is already an issue. 

Paper tutors make a difference not only by being here 24/7, but also by tailoring the tutoring experience for each student during every session! We meet students where they’re at, and we embrace collaborative and creative problem-solving to reach conclusions as a team. No matter how many times a student may come online, our varied services help address a plethora of academic needs.

With the Paper Method, students benefit in real time

I recently met a Spanish-speaking student who had just immigrated to the United States. She was enthusiastic about learning but was unable to read English, and she was embarrassed to mention that to her teachers. 

It was on Paper’s platform where she didn’t feel put on the spot and was more comfortable opening up. With our Spanish-speaking tutors and Spanish interface, we were able to help her critically explore topics and themes that the language barrier had previously prevented.

How Paper supports teachers

It’s not just students who benefit from Paper—teachers can also get a ton out of our tutoring services! 

Our tailored services include not only our Live Help chat sessions, but our Review Center as well. The Review Center allows students to receive feedback on their essays, and teachers can review those comments as well. This integrated platform lessens the workload for teachers. They can rest assured that their students are in good hands in the virtual classroom, just like they are in the real one!

Paper: Your complement to the classroom

I’m consistently impressed by the resilience and tenacity students show in our sessions together! It feels good to help students enjoy learning again. By supporting teachers and students alike, Paper helps educators create a dynamic learning environment for everybody.

I can't wait to go on our Paper journey together, and I'm always excited to meet new students!


Cynthia, Paper Tutor

Paper supports students and educators in school districts by providing unlimited, 24/7, and multilingual Live Help and Review Center support.
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