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Bowie High School Invests in Integrated Academic Support With Paper

An Arlington Independent School District site, Bowie High School, partners with Paper, the leader in personalized online learning, to help support AVID students in a remote learning environment.

This grants freshman students in the AVID program access to 24/7 one-to-one academic support paid for by the school for the 2020-21 school year.

Our district and our school have had tremendous success with the AVID program. This partnership with Paper comes at a vital time with such a heavy emphasis on virtual learning. To be able to get this tool in the hands of our freshmen AVID students is vital. We know now more than ever how important access is, and to provide this kind of academic support with ease is huge for our Bowie community. It will be great to see that equity in action.

— Reny Lizardo, Principal, Arlington Independent School District, Texas

The AVID program is designed to help students with high academic potential prepare for entrance to colleges and universities, regardless of their background.

The program at Bowie High School empowers students to succeed in a rigorous academic curriculum through homework, tutorials, and projects.

Partnering with Paper seamlessly integrates into the program to provide additional academic assistance for students.

With students at Arlington ISD having the option to enroll for either in-person or online instruction, the need for flexible and personalized online supports for students has only increased. In partnering with Paper, Bowie High School is helping close the divide between those who can afford private tutoring and those who cannot.

Through Paper's remote learning platform, available in both English and Spanish, students are provided unlimited 24/7 access to online tutoring in any subject from a fully vetted Paper educator, and essay review with annotated feedback within 24 hours. Using Socratic instruction methods, students are guided through concepts to find the answers on their own.

Teachers in Paper's partner organizations have reported seeing an increase in students' grades since using Paper, and many students have reported feeling more confident with their school work.

At Paper, we are committed to helping district leaders effectively transition into fall schooling while meeting the growing needs of their students and teachers.

Thinking of bringing Paper to your schools?