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Michigan district believes in student-centered support from Paper™

In Michigan’s Hart Public Schools, 850 learners in fifth through 12th grade are getting a boost from student-centered support provided by Paper™.

Headquartered in Oceana County about nine miles from the shores of Lake Michigan, the district is headed by Superintendent Mark Platt, who expressed appreciation for the fact that Paper’s Educational Support System was constructed with learners’ needs in mind.

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“One of the things that caught our attention about Paper was the fact that this was a resource for the students, and it was built specifically for students,” said Platt.

“We learned during the pandemic that students were really comfortable using chat features with staff to get help. But in fairness to the staff, those questions would sometimes come in at night, over the weekend, etc. So, we started looking for a product that would provide help quickly, generate reports, and more. We wanted something that gives students an opportunity to get help in real time and at their pace, 24/7.”

— Mark Platt, Superintendent, Hart Public Schools, Michigan

Platt also believes that students in the community will benefit from Paper’s multilingual tutoring options.

“The other feature that really caught our attention is that help can come in English or Spanish,” said Platt. “This could be a huge help to many of our families.”

Looking for multilingual support to help your students thrive? Reach out to Paper today to find out how we can help you offer 24/7 assistance for learners in your district.

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