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Ohio district extends effective partnership with Paper™

Following a successful launch last year in Ohio’s South-Western City School District, 10,000 students in seventh through 12th grade will be able to count on academic support from Paper™ for another two years.

With the partnership beginning in 2021, this extension ensures students in the district—which lies on the periphery of Columbus—will continue to benefit from 24/7 multilingual support in a variety of subjects.

Dr. Brian R. Bowser, South-Western’s assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, emphasized the role Paper has played as a steadfast partner throughout its initial implementation and rollout. He also expressed appreciation for the versatility of Paper’s tutors.

“Paper and the Paper team are exemplary partners. They are thoughtful, planful, and supportive in ensuring we are able to assist students at any time during the day. Additionally, the opportunity for students to connect in multiple languages sets Paper apart.”

— Dr. Brian R. Bowser, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, South-Western City School District, Ohio

An effective implementation makes all the difference when it comes to ensuring edtech truly works for students. Looking for a dedicated partner to help you implement 24/7 multilingual tutoring support? Find out how Paper can help today.

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