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#Suptchat Recap: Stress Management in School Leadership

In case you missed last night's #suptchat, the Paper team is here to provide you with a comprehensive recap.

Superintendents Michael Lubelfeld and Nick Polyak facilitated this month's conversation between school leaders about stress management in school leadership. 

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Q1: How can you tell when you are becoming stressed out at work?

Awareness is key to mitigating the impacts stress—and these educators know it.


Q2: When you are feeling stressed during the day, what strategies do you use to manage it?

Participants shared some great tips on managing their stress. 


Q3: What do you do outside of work as a stress reliever?

We saw some we could relate to...


Some "unusual" ones...


And some conflicting views on grocery shopping!



Q4: What strategies and/or programs does your district have to help staff members manage work-related stress?

#Suptchat participants shared some amazing staff wellness activities and programs.


Q5: How does your district help students reduce the stress in their lives?

Leaders shared some ways they're thinking about the current and the coming school years.


Q6: What would you change about the education profession to make it less stressful?

Participants replied not just what would make things better for them, but for their communities at large. This is why educators continue to be the most inspiring, dedicated professionals out there!


Q7: Researchers say that some amount of stress is a good thing for us - how do you find that balance?

Toeing the line between good and bad stress can be hard. Get it right with these tips from the participants:


Q8: Someday, we'll all retire from these roles - what is something non stressful that you look forward to about that future time?

A great question to conclude this month's #suptchat.


Finally, some concluding remarks from the moderators:



Make sure to sign up for our new discussion series featuring district administrators as they unpack the cost, infrastructure, and equity implications of 1:1. Register now!


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