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#Suptchat Recap: Leadership Focusing on the Total Child


In case you missed this week’s #suptchat, the Paper team is here to provide you with a comprehensive wrap-up.

Superintendents Michael Lubelfeld and Nick Polyak facilitated this month's conversation between school leaders about Leadership Focusing on the Total Child—the theme of the 2021 AASAHQ National Conference on Education.

Q1: We all know we should Focus on the Total Child - where do we currently place too much emphasis in education and why?

#Suptchat participants shared diverse perspectives on where there is an overdue focus in education.

Q2: When you think about a child eventually leaving your district, what acquired skills or knowledge would mean that their education had been successful?

As the world changes, so must how schools approach post-secondary readiness.


Q3: Why is it important to offer a robust list of extra-curricular activities, sports, and fine arts programs?

This question was central to "Leadership Focusing on the Total Child"—and participants stayed true to the theme. 

Q4: What is one unique way that your district supports the Social-Emotional needs of your students?

Thankfully, we're seeing a rise in emphasis on SEL. Educators proudly shared some of their practices. 

Q5: How do parents and community partnerships benefit the development of the Total Child? 


Q6: Every child has unique needs, how does your district meet kids where they are and fulfill those unique needs?

To go with new ways of teaching and learning, educators are moving towards new ways to empower their students.

Q7: While this pandemic has been our reality for a year, in what ways will your practices embrace the Total Child following COVID-19?

The responses to the penultimate question led to some heartwarming responses, and showcased the immense dedication of our K-12 professionals.

Q8: The AASA National Conference on Education is virtual this year on Feb. 18/19. Have you registered? Share what you are looking forward to most. 

School leaders excitedly chimed in!

Finally, some concluding remarks from the moderators:

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