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#Suptchat Recap: Unfinished Leadership: A School Leadership Framework

In case you missed last night's #suptchat, the Paper team is here to provide you with a comprehensive recap.

Superintendents Michael Lubelfeld and Nick Polyak facilitated this month's conversation between school leaders about “Unfinished Leadership: A School Leadership Framework”—the title of their new book.

Q1: There is no "best" version of ourselves, only the "next" version of ourselves. We are all Unfinished. Share a picture or a .gif that captures the idea of embracing the idea of being an Unfinished Leader. 

Perfection is an impossible goal. We can, however, make progress by accepting that our greatest strength can be the will to change and grow.

Q2: Unfinished Leadership starts with empathy. If you are going to serve others, you need to understand them and empathize with their needs. How do we get better at empathy as leaders?

When you’ve put yourself in another person’s shoes, you have a greater understanding of what they need and how to lead them to it.

Q3: Unfinished Leaders have a way of unearthing and addressing inequities in our schools. What are you tackling right now or what equity issue in your distri needs tackling?

There’s a lot of work to be done, and every district will be different, but we can create equity by being open and honest with what we see.

Q4: Our schools should be constantly adapting and changing to meet the needs of our students. How will school look and feel different after this pandemic? 

Certain elements will feel familiar, but there’s no question that things have changed. What will stay?

Q5: Not all professional development is effective. What is the most valuable PD you've ever done and what set it apart from all of the others? 

There are a finite amount of hours wherein leaders can cultivate their staff’s professional lives. How do you maximize this precious resource?



Q6: Old answers won't always work to solve new problems. Who do you turn to to expand your "bag of tricks" and help you solve the modern challenges of school leadership in 2021 and beyond? 

It’s not hard to find tips. But it can be challenging to find credible, realistic, and applicable tips.

Q7: The book lays out a six part framework for school leaders (empathy, equity, adapt, develop, communicate, lead). What do you think you need to most focus on as a leader right now? 

Remember, as an unfinished leader, you are allowed to have your priorities change. But, for now, this is what participants hope to tackle.

Q8: When you embrace the concept of being Unfinished, you have a constant need to grow and evolve. How do you help instill this mindset in all of the people in your students, your staff members, or your colleagues? #suptchat

Transparency, leading by example, allowing for modelling. Give yourself an allowance to be vulnerable and let the world know you’re learning too is what participants are saying.


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