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#Suptchat Recap:  Leadership Planning for the Fall

The final #suptchat of the school year happened last night, and the Paper team is here to highlight some of our favorite tweets! Hosts Michael Lubelfeld and Nick Polyak asked district leaders across the nation about their back-to-school plans.

As we move into a new school year full of opportunity in light of new funding, research, and state guidance, join #suptchat host Nick Polyak and other influential district leaders to discuss maximizing equity and impact for all. 


Q1: What are you doing this summer to plan for the return to school this fall?

The priority for superintendents this summer is to carve out a path to full-day, in-person lessons, while still budgeting some time to recharge. 

Q2: Please share an example of a leadership lesson you learned this year that will impact what you do next fall?

Overcoming hardship is always an opportunity to learn. These district leaders discovered that there's great value in being flexible in fluid situations and sometimes the best thing to do is say, "I don't know."

Q3: For our newer administrators, what wisdom can you share about navigating difficult situations?

Though the question was posed to benefit newer admins, the fact of the matter is we all can use a reminder to listen, see things from other's POV, and address challenges head-on.

Q4: How are you planning to support the emotional needs of the adults and children as they transition back next year? 

There are a number of ways district leaders are going to provide emotional support to their stakeholders, but the underlying theme of each approach is the same: our district is a community. 

Q5: What in-person leadership learning or conference experience are you most looking forward to next year and why?

The new school year doesn't just promise a confident return to in-person learning. Peers at the district level also get an opportunity to connect again. So keep some availability in your calendars!

Q6: What leadership lessons from the past year should be included in graduate school or professional PD moving forward?

One change we can expect moving forward is the newfound emphasis on compassion, work-life balance, and how we manage crises. 

Q7: Please share plans for learning acceleration in the coming school year.

Right now, we're all after the same thing: learning acceleration. But what does that look like in practice?

Q8: What are you most proud of in your district in terms of leading and learning that you want to share from the past year?

A great question to close off the school year! 

We'll see you all back in August!

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