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Paper™ tools to support your career and college readiness efforts

With the expansive Educational Support System (ESS) created by Paper™, school districts can take advantage of several useful tools to elevate their broad-ranging career and college readiness efforts.

Simply put, the demands of career and college readiness require that schools do everything they can to help set students up for success after their K-12 journeys. Certainly, that means learners should have the academic know-how to pursue opportunities in higher education and rewarding career paths. But there’s even more schools can do to prepare students to navigate their future.

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Fortunately, Paper’s ESS is here to help, offering 24/7 academic support, opportunities for students to practice their skills, and targeted career and college readiness assistance.

From initial exploration to proactive planning

As part of the ESS, MajorClarity by Paper gives students the opportunity to test-drive career paths based on their interests. Through engaging personality assessments, video interviews with industry professionals, simulations, and micro-credentials, learners get a picture of what it’s really like to be in a specific career.

When students have the chance to pair potential career paths with course offerings at their school and postsecondary programs, they start taking charge of their academic journeys with care and intention. By helping students see how the decisions they make today can help them pursue a concrete vision of the future, MajorClarity turns abstract notions of career readiness into a clear plan of action.

The ESS difference

Paper’s unique promise lies in its ability to tie together three separate domains in the K-12 educational experience: academic support, independent practice, and career and college readiness. The ESS allows us to bring together these three pillars in one comprehensive platform, which includes a Learner Profile that adapts and grows with students.

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A sound foundation for academic excellence in K-12

Robust career readiness programs can help students appreciate how the classes they’re currently taking connect to future job opportunities. But once they’re motivated, how do we make sure they have the tools they need to succeed?

One of the central features of Paper’s ESS is Live Help: on-demand tutoring available to students at the click of a button with no limit on the length or frequency of tutoring sessions.

Through the help of highly qualified expert tutors, students can get the assistance they need to thrive in their courses. Tutors are trained in the the Paper Method, an inquiry-based instructional framework that’s being expanded to create an even more personalized and flexible learning experience for students. In addition to our traditional Live Help format, learners will be able to request quick assistance on a homework question, for instance, or have tutors double-check completed assignments. This helps tutors meet individual students’ needs and supports better academic outcomes.

In addition to Live Help, students can use the Review Center to get tailored feedback from dedicated tutors on many kinds of writing. This service can be a big help for many courses, from ELA to science, history, and more.

For career paths that lead through college

As students prepare for life after high school, many will find that furthering their studies and earning a degree could help them achieve their career aspirations. To support learners in making the leap from K-12 to higher education, Paper’s ESS has tools that can be used to approach application season with confidence and calm.

  • Resources for researching opportunities in higher education: MajorClarity supports learners with their postsecondary planning as they research two-year and four-year colleges, financial aid opportunities, scholarships, and more.
  • Help with test preparation: College admission exams can be nerve-wracking. With Live Help, tutors are always available to help students review their sample questions. Learners can also submit practice essays to the Review Center for constructive commentary.
  • Feedback to fine-tune application essays: For many seniors, writing the perfect college application or scholarship essay can feel like an insurmountable task. In the Review Center, tutors provide targeted, encouraging feedback to help applicants polish their drafts before they hit “submit” on an application.

For workforce readiness support

Lots of learners may find that their desired career paths involve on-the-job training right after high school or other professional development pathways outside a college or university setting. Paper’s ESS can help these students prepare to reach for a rewarding career of their choosing after high school.

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  • Portals for finding technical and certificate programs: For work opportunities that don’t require a college degree—but that do necessitate additional postsecondary training—certificate programs may be the answer. MajorClarity can help students discover relevant programs.
  • Micro-credentials to prequalify for new opportunities: To stand out when applying for new positions, certificate programs, and other opportunities, students can acquire Micro-credentials directly through MajorClarity. These certificates, which are developed with industry partners, reflect a student’s competency in industry-specific abilities or more general soft skills.
  • Résumé reviews and more for business and professional writing: Students can use the guided résumé builder in MajorClarity to develop drafts before submitting them to Paper’s Review Center for feedback on how to best articulate their experiences. Likewise, tutors are always ready to help learners with other forms of workplace communication, including cover letters, business emails, and more.

Tailored support to set your learners up for careers and college

With Paper’s ESS, students benefit from an integrated platform consisting of several educational tools that provide academic support, independent practice in key skills, and career and college readiness. Everything on the ESS flows from our desire to help students prepare for the futures they choose, and we’d be thrilled to support learners in your district. 

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