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Why Student Alex Loves Paper


Unlimited online tutoring anytime, anywhere. For free.

Our friendly multilingual tutors help students with anything that might be giving them trouble—exactly when, where, and how they need.

“I really like the service! I’ve gotten really good feedback on my essays that I uploaded, and the tutors are super chill.”
— 12th grader, La Cañada Unified School District, CA

Who doesn’t struggle with classwork from time to time?

Paper’s tutors are always there to help. Students just say hello, let us know what they’re working on, and one of our experts instantly start working with them.

Homework help

When students hit a stumbling block on an assignment, our tutors will guide them and help them better understand where or why they’re stuck. Students simply type in their problem, draw it out on the whiteboard, or upload a file from any device.

Writing feedback

Paper is an extra set of eyes when students need it. Our tutors review and annotate their writing, including feedback on style, structure, and grammar. From essays to lab reports, students can upload any written work along with their teacher’s instructions.

Screenshot of Paper's Essay Review
Screenshot of Paper's Group Chat

Study support

There’s no limit to how or what students can learn with Paper. They can prepare for upcoming tests, get tips on how to grasp concepts effectively, and even get help with elective subjects.


Richland School District was driven to help every student excel. They chose Paper so students could access extra help at their convenience.

Learn how all Richland students got the on-demand tutoring they need—with over 3,000 sessions in just the first few months of launch, and a majority of all students actively using Paper to excel academically.


Teaching through entertainment

Learning goes beyond classroom lessons and textbooks. With PaperLive, you can join different live sessions—from escape rooms to space explorations—and follow your curiosity to brand-new places.

PaperLive Episode Snapshot 4 (1)-1

Students are in good hands

Paper’s academic support is accessible, effective, and safe.

Free and

Paper is paid for by districts so all students can access anytime, anywhere personalized help, without worrying about time limits on tutoring sessions.

ELL support

English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin-speaking tutors are available so students can get learning support in their native or preferred language.

Private and

Student data and personal information are always protected. Our systems are secure, and we operate under strict adherence to student data privacy laws.

Getting started with Paper

Watch how students can access Live Help and Essay Review on the platform.
How Do Students Access 24/7 Live Help on P...
How Do Students Use Paper's Essay Review?

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