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Why young students benefit from the ‘winning’ Paper™ philosophy

At Paper™, we love supporting and fostering student growth. In this guest post, one of our tutors, Cynthia, explores the question: Which of our students need the most patience and support if not our little ones?

Every year brings an influx of more little scholars who are bright-eyed and interested in learning. It’s no secret that these younger kids need extra support, and Paper’s tutors are equipped with a winning philosophy that ensures more kids feel confident during their interactions on the platform!

Our winning philosophy at Paper is simple:

  • Meet students where they are with a positive attitude.
  • Employ integrity as a holistic approach for encouraging learning.
  • Employ tenacity to motivate students to keep at it—no matter the challenge!

How Paper’s standards of excellence result in better sessions

During a typical tutoring session at Paper, you can expect creative and positive problem-solving to always be front and center. This is the first step in a successful session: encouraging growth and personal bests from our students through an uplifting and inspiring tone. 

The most prominent aspects of our sessions always involve collaborative interactions and selflessness in helping students achieve their goals—regardless of how much time it may take. This tenacious commitment to fostering students’ growth and encouraging positivity results in the excellence you can expect from Paper’s tutors!

How does Paper connect with young students best?

Paper’s philosophy of positivity, integrity, and creativity is responsible for the success of tutors’ sessions with our little scholars. 

I once had a student who wasn’t the biggest fan of essay writing, but they were extremely creative! With younger children who may struggle to focus on tasks, it’s important to connect with them. So we started off the session with frustration, but took a detour to discuss my student’s favorite anime shows to keep them engaged.

That initial step of approaching the situation with creative problem-solving allowed my student to express themselves in a way that made the essay their own. Our shared tenacity when accomplishing goals also gave my young student the drive to keep working on the task at hand. If students can sense your excitement, they become more interested in the work they’re doing!

When we use Paper’s core philosophy to guide our session, we succeed through the screen via mutual encouragement and support.

Paper’s philosophy is a recipe for success

Paper’s central philosophy reflects the fundamental building blocks of student success. The values that make up this philosophy not only set the tone and pace of sessions, but also inform every step tutors take with a student. 

Circling back to prioritizing tenacity, integrity, selflessness, and positivity will always give you a strong means of connecting with younger students. Luckily, our problem-solving skills are also deeply rooted in Paper’s guiding principle: providing quality educational support for all, every step of the way.

As we saw, the Paper Method helps us connect to and support our young learners while never sacrificing their individuality. And as a Paper tutor, I care a lot not only about how my students feel in the middle of a session, but also about how they’ll leave the classroom. It’s my mission to make sure they feel motivated to embrace their academic journeys, and I always hope to run into them again!


Cynthia, Paper Tutor

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