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Pennsylvania district signs on for 5-year partnership with Paper™

Because of a new partnership with Paper™, 1,250 Ellwood City Area School District students in grades three through 12 are gaining access to an Educational Support System that offers 24/7 assistance.

As part of the five-year agreement, learners in this Pennsylvania school system, which is situated roughly 40 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, can look forward to high-quality tutoring whenever they need it.

Ellwood City Area School District Superintendent Dr. Wes Shipley believes Paper will be a boon for learners.

“We are excited to partner with Paper to provide our students with additional tutoring services at no cost to our families. This is an excellent resource that our students can access at any time. It will provide high-level tutoring to our students at the click of a mouse.”

— Dr. Wes Shipley, Superintendent, Ellwood City Area School District, Pennsylvania

School board members were similarly enthusiastic, expressing excitement about the district’s ability to leverage Paper so students can access this invaluable resource at no cost to families.

Likewise, Paper provides teachers with insights into learning moments that take place on the platform. This window into what students are thinking can help educators plan for effective reteaching.

Curious to learn how students in your school district would benefit from 24/7 educational support provided by Paper? Contact our team today to find out more.

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