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How CJ's Family Benefits From Paper


Unlimited, 24/7 support that puts success within reach for every student

Paper partners with school districts to deliver personalized tutoring, after-school programming, and college and career support—at no cost to families.

More help for students, less stress for caregivers

Paper provides unlimited support for students at every touchpoint of their academic journey—from doing homework to applying for college.
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High-quality tutoring for any subject

Your child can ask for help in any subject area at any time, for as long as they need. The platform quickly connects them with a vetted and experienced tutor who’s trained to support students based on their needs—and their teacher’s instructions. Whether learners are stuck on their homework or studying for a test, tutors are available 24/7.

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Feedback for any written work—from lab reports to résumés

Tutors provide an extra set of eyes whenever your child needs it. With Paper, students can ask for feedback to improve their work. Students can upload assignments, college application essays, and more anytime and anywhere. Tutors promptly review and annotate their writing, leaving notes on style, grammar, plagiarism, and whether they followed rubrics.

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After-school enrichment that educates and entertains

Free, high-quality tutoring is just the beginning. Students also have access to PaperLive: after-school programming that’s better than streaming TV. Geared toward K-9 students, the shows explore exciting topics, such as history, astronomy, and financial literacy. With Paper Missions, a game-based interactive math hub, all students can sharpen their math skills in a fun, low-pressure environment.

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Make the most of the support delivered by Paper and your school district

Forget having to relearn trigonometry or hire a private tutor to help your child with their schoolwork. Paper is ready to help. Even kids in earlier grades can benefit from the enrichment opportunities and educational experts standing by on our platform.


Caregiver info sessions

Register for a free 45-minute information session. Parents and guardians get to walk through the many ways Paper can make a big difference for their child's learning.


Starter guide

Download our handy guide for families. This document includes an overview of Paper's features—along with quick links and FAQs.

Resources for caregivers

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