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See where curiosity leads

A platform of live, interactive, and educational shows designed to inspire curious minds.

Our educational approach

PaperLive shows are created by academic experts, meaning each episode is packed with learning concepts. Discover the powerful educational approaches you’ll see. 

  1. Storytelling
    • This effective learning tool keeps kids focused and engaged throughout an episode.

  2. Gamification
    • Memory games, interactive quizzes, and puzzles challenge students and increase participation.

  3. Kinesthetic learning
    • Physical movement can demonstrate ideas and helps students remember concepts for longer.

  4. Positivity
    • A lighthearted tone, positive reinforcement, and praise for participation create a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere.

  5. Repetition
    • Hosts repeat questions, answers, and key points so kids can fully absorb information.

  6. Problem-solving
    • Each episode presents an obstacle or challenge that requires kids to think critically and map out solutions.

  7. Personalization
    • Hosts acknowledge children by using their names—making them feel seen and special.